Monday, August 13, 2012

What a Year!

This is about 13 days overdue.  I had planned on writing this and posting on August 1st....oh look!  I didn't!  There should be no shock there!  Running late is like my new thang!

But here it is....better late than never!

One whole year in Missouri.  One whole year out of Utah, and away from the only home my kids had ever known.  And what a year it has been.

I'm gonna be honest  It has, by and large, been a pretty rough year.If you really want to know....down right crappy in some parts. the face of all of this adversity, there have been some lessons.  Would I be me if I neglected to point out the lessons that have come through adversity?  Not so much.  So here goes!  (And since my whole blog is about lessons....we are going to skip my little lessons at the end!)

Lesson #1:  My kids are FREAKING AWESOME!
My kids have been asked to endure a lot!  And I mean a lot!

There has been much emotional turmoil in my house the past year.  Some because of physical trials.  Some caused by the hands of others.  And some caused by ourselves.

And through it all, I have watched my children learn and grow.  I have watched my children look adversity in the face, and not back down (and even I will admit they have had plenty of reason to back down).

I have watched them suffer at the hands of others and continue to choose the better part.  It hasn't been easy for them....but they have each (clear down to Caleb) taken every situation that has been thrown at them, and turned it into an opportunity to learn and grow.

Wow!  There really are no words to described how impressed I have been with my kids.

Let's be honest though, they aren't perfect.  They fight.  They are slobs.  But they are also good souls.  And I am awestruck that Heavenly Father entrusted them to my care (because I am afraid that I might really mess up what He intends for them!).

Lesson #2:  My husband is FREAKING AWESOME!
Felix has had to support my crazy, the kids crazy and well, just the general crazy in life....all while doing amazing things at works, travelling more than we thought and making a grand enough impression to be made the global CFO of his division.

Yeah, he is that freaking awesome!

He has spoiled me rotten!  Taught me love and patience as I have struggled through my personal trials....and most importantly, he loves me.

How grateful I am that Heavenly Father blessed me with such an incredible husband.  With all that we have been through, he has given more than any single person should be capable of giving. humbling to have such a blessing.

Lesson #3: You can teach an old dog new tricks.
My poor mother can attest that the majority of my phone calls have started out with "I have been humbled once again!"

Let's just say that I didn't realize how too big for my britches I had become.  I had no idea (yes I am Captain Oblivious!) how narrow minded I had become.

My view on the world has significantly changed.  I hope that I am no longer that judgmental, single minded personal I was.

I truly hope that my capacity for tolerance has grown by three sizes (at least!  If the Grinch's heart can grow, so can I!).  I have learned so much from people around me!  People who believe things similar to what I believe....people who believe nothing remotely like what I believe....and people who, well, there are people who just march to the beat of their own drummer, aren't there!?

And yet again, I have much gratitude that I didn't live my whole life in my bubble....and miss out on soooo many experiences to learn from others!

Lesson #4:  You don't have to like what is around you to be happy!
War is hell.

Life is war.

My family is stinking hysterical.

And we have learned to laugh in the middle of all of the crazy...and keep laughing.

Lesson #5:  You don't have to think you are worthy to get blessings.
If we were required to think we are worthy of blessings, well, we would all be waiting for a long time, wouldn't we....

The answer to that question is yes.

In His infinite wisdom (and mercy....yes, I have been a recipient of mercy...a lot lately), God realized that the majority of us wouldn't never think we were enough.  Enough for others, enough for our selves, enough for Him.  We don't have to worry about that though.

Simply put....'Even if you stopped believing in Him, He has never stopped believing in you.'

With God, all things are possible.  Even surviving a particularly difficult year.

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