Sunday, October 30, 2011

DEFEND YER NUTS!'s fall in Missouri.  And as you can tell by the distance between my posts, keeping up on the blog has been a smidge of an impossibility.  So thanks ANDREA for the reminder that I need to stay connected with everyone and not get lost in my new little world!

So, since my story telling abilities are currently on hiatus, I thought I would share some of our adventures in "short" form.

**We live in a rural community.  There are lots and lots of critters running around ALL OF THE time.  So it isn't like we never see squirrels.  But with winter rapidly approaching, there have been more squirrels out a hunting and gathering than usual.  So we are on our way home from school and one of our neighborhood squirrels are sitting at the base of one of our trees.  As we drive up, Baylee yells, "Look! A squirrel!"  Noah yells, "Defend yer nuts!" and Caleb yells, "Think about the children!".  Yeah, I don't know either!

**I think I may have mentioned we live in a rural community.  We have a "lake" (more like a pond) in our backyard and the neighborhood has geese.  Geese are scary.  The kids were at school and I was getting ready to go and get the kids, which meant it was time to take the dog out.  So, without paying attention, I open the front door, the dogs goes racing out into about a dozen geese in the front yard.  The geese honk at the sight of the fuzzy, black poodle.....which completely freaks out the dog who starts barking and running away....which completely freaks out the geese who start honking, flying and scattering....which completely freaks me out because I'm afraid they are going to eat my dog.  So I start running and screaming and trying to save the dog from.....nothing, because the geese are all gone.  Welcome to my world.

**We went to the zoo.  They have a big donkey exhibit.  They don't call them donkeys in St. Louis.

**Caleb has really struggled with being in the first grade.  And I mean struggled.  There has been a lot of weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.  We have attempted many different ways to get him motivated and hopefully get him over his highly emotional state of being.  We have considered switching schools or even putting him in a private Lutheran school.  But after a sit down with me and his dad, we finally got to the root of the problem, and switching school won't fix it.  Why?  Why is going to school so hard???  "Because we have to do school work."  --cue crying.

So you can see....never a dull moment...and there have actually been a kabillion-jillion thing, funny, sad, exciting, etc., but being able to take a minute to keep track of them all, has not been as easy of a task as I thought.

So thanks friends, for not giving up on me!  I'll try and do a better job of keeping YA'LL posted on our adventures!

Lessons Learned
1. Life is funny.  It is.
2. I'm still a mess....but I'm starting to pull it all together.
3. I'm glad the adventure never would be boring.
4. Sometimes, you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride....
5. If I'm going to be on the adventure of a lifetime, I'm glad it's with my funny little peeps.