Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm A Bubble Blowing Baby

I have recently read, "The Last Lecture"...and for any of you who haven't heard of it or read it is a must read.

As for me, I was incredibly touched. It made me determined to live. Not just be, but LIVE. Enjoy who is around me, what is around me and quite frankly, me. So after finishing the book yesterday, I was in that deep thought place...which depending on the day it can be good or bad. But in this case, it was good.

I was pondering my world and how I could make it better for me and everyone around me, when suddenly I was presented with a three year old and a bottle of bubbles. Okay, whatever...we do bubbles all the time. I opened the bottle, handed it back and said go to it.

After he got tired of blowing, he handed me the bottle and said "Your turn mom." Alright. Whatever you say. So I began blowing, and blowing and blowing. When suddenly I was struck by what a perfect activity bubble blowing really is. And not for kids...ADULTS. This is a perfect ADULT activity. And this is why:

You know when you have a bad day and you simply can't do anything right. Nothing works, nothing is even getting finished because you can't focus worth squat. Well, that would be a perfect day to blow bubbles. What other activity could you possibly do, with instant results, that are PERFECT. With the smallest effort, i.e. dipping a stick into soap, putting it somewhere in the range of your mouth, and pursing your lips and blowing. And out comes the desired results. Instantly. How perfectly gratifying. It took no time...and you got something done, something you wanted, something you expected. AWESOME.


But now I need to explain why I am a Bubble Blowing Baby. As I am having my little epiphany over bubbles, the sweet three year old squealing with delight over every bubble he pops, I am given the reason why I WANT to be a Bubble Blowing Baby. I take a quick little breather over the bubbles, (yes, it can be exhausting...I am currently working on building up my stamina) and my sweet boy puts his head on my shoulder and says, "Mom, you blow good bubbles."

I believe I have found my calling in life.

Lessons Learned:

1. You are never too old to play.
2. You are never too old to play with your friends...even if your friends are three years old.
3. Blowing bubbles can be a life affirming activity.
4. Putting a porch on my house was a really good idea.
5. Life is good.