Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Crazy, Stranger, Oriental Porn Linking Weirdos

So, we have reached a new pinnacle in the blogsphere.  I have gotten so many comments from crazy, stranger, oriental porn linking weirdos that I have been forced into comment moderation.

I am a huge believer in the First Amendment, having a dialogue and telling it how it is.  But...this is a family friendly blog and your crazy, porn links don't have anything to do with what I'm talking about.  Which brings up another point.  Since this blog is all about me, and since I'm not into porn...we are going to say bye-bye.

Please continue to comment, cuz I think you people are fun...when you comment about the blog and things that are actually related to me.

Lessons Learned
1. I can't control everything....YES I CAN.
2. Crazy, stranger, oriental porn linking suck.
3. Oh and those mentioned in number 2...thanks for making my life just that much more difficult.
4. That's okay....I'm a pain in the neck and I am going to make your life a little more difficult too by giving you one less blog to hijack.
5. So there.

Friday, June 11, 2010


As mentioned previously we went to the Kansas, Foreigner, Styx concert.  We took with us Savannah, Noah, Baylee and Sara (Sara officially belongs to another family, but I claim her as my own).

Each child had their own little experience that made the show stand out for them, so I thought I would share the love.  The best part though, was introducing our children to reality with us watching.  Yes, people do drink.  Yes, people do smoke.  Yes, people do things that we don't.  And it is okay, because they can choose...and more importantly, we don't judge.  That said, it was an eye opener for everyone.

Baylee:  Baylee couldn't wait for Foreigner to come on because she wanted to hear Juicebox hero.  After we explained it was Jukebox hero, she was a bit disappointment, but made it up to herself by making up words to Jukebox hero as if it were really Juicebox hero...that kids has got some creativity in her bones.

Noah: Poor Noah.  He was actually okay with the drinking part until the older women started rocking out and shaking their tushies in his sweet little 10 year old face.  So he moved.  Okay, before he moved, he leaned over and sat as close to Savannah as she would allow, then he moved.  So he was sitting on the grass side obsessing about somebody starting a fire because they didn't step on their cigarette butts when they through them in the grass.  Poor my OCD.

Savannah and Sara:  I have to combine them because it really is all part of the same story.  During Foreigners "I Wanna Know What Love Is", Savannah and Sara were being true to their age, dancing with another and having a marvelous time about it.  As they slow danced with one another, they were kind of blocking the aisle...if you can call it an aisle...we were general admission sitting in the grass.  So I kindly asked them to break up the love fest and let people through.  As the couple that had been waiting walked through, while the girls were giggling about dancing with one another we were chuckling about what a good time we were all having.  Then out of nowhere, the lady comes back (with her 24 oz beer can in hand...and I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it wasn't her first of the night.), and hugs Savannah from behind, so her beer can was in Savannah's face and she says, "I love you...I'll dance with you."  Sara deftly stepped away while Felix and I dissolved into a fit of laughter.  My good girl used her manners and didn't throw the woman off of her.  When the lady was done dancing with Savannah she went back to her seat.  Savannah looked as us and was like, "WHAT?"  Okay, we thought it was hysterical for many reasons.  Sara knew Savannah could handle it, so she let her.  Felix and I let Savannah handle it.  Noah and Baylee are still shocked there was a beer can in her face.  But the punch line comes later when during Styx's performance...they came back.  This time the guy grabs Sara's arm and says, "I won't let her dance with you anymore."  Ummmm, dude....wrong girl.

Lessons Learned
1. Sheltered children NEED a little exposure.
2. If you can get beer in a 24 oz can, why can't I get a Caffeine free Diet Coke in anything bigger than a 20 oz bottle or go to the fountain?  What's up with that?
3. Kansas, Foreigner and Styx think very, very highly of their merchandise.
4. The kids took Noah's asthma a week to recover from the smoke...poor kid.
5.  I'd take them's good to see the other side and learn that everyone has a choice.