Saturday, September 6, 2008

Summer Lovin'

Okay, I know, I know. I have had several requests for an update on the blog. It was such an insane summer that it flew by, without me blogging. And I am paying for it with all of the comments of why haven't you updated? So how 'bout a synopsis? That I was I can catch everyone up and you people can stop bugging me...fair enough?
May-Grandma was finishing moving in. That was an incredibly exciting time. We are so grateful and feel very blessed to have her here and part of our little home. There were boxes everywhere and her shredder was going non-stop. But we managed to get through it and we didn't kill each other. It has been a very smooth transition, and we are all loving it. The kids really enjoy having an extra ear to bend, especially when they are mad at us. Grandma is a fantastic ally for the kids (and a wonderful help to me).
We have enjoyed having her dog too. Missy is a nut (we think she needs therapy), and although the cats have not made the adjustment, the rest of us have\. We could do without the licking and the foot fetish the dog has, but overall, we have become quite a happy little family.

As the end of the school year approached, it was time for the dance festival. It is a favorite time of year for us, and as usual LOADS of fun. The dance festival is great way for me to see how much they have grown and changed this year.

Baylees' class did the mexican hat dance. Unforetunately the night before, she cracked her elbow and was in a sling. So in a move of desperation, her partner would grab the sleeve of her jacket to spin around with since he couldn't touch her arm. It about pushed him over the edge...but they all made it through.

Noahs' class did a chinese ribbon dance. Those poor boys, you can tell they really had to struggle through it. I think they would have been content just skipping the whole thing, too bad their PE grade depended on the dance.

Savannahs' class did an awesome recreation of an early pioneer dance. It was really cute, and the girls tried really hard to get it right...the boys, not so much. But overall it turned out fantastic.

Every year at the end of the festival, all of the students (all 180 of them) get on the field and do the electric slide. It is a great way to finish off the fun and everyone loves it.

Okay, so that pretty much raps up the big events for May...and onto June.

June-School officially ended. Yay. We were so excited for summer. It was time and we were ready.

We kind of took it easy in June. Getting ready for the company we were going to have in July. We spent most of our time at the pool and just sleeping in and being lazy. The kids were kind of bummed at the rule for summer that you didn't get to play until chores were done. The first few days were pretty funny, since nobody got anything done until about 4 or 5.

But we also got to have Baylees' birthday party. We have usually done something small for her birthday, but this year she wanted a PARTY. So we invited 11 little girls for a late night (I wasn't ready for a slumber party of that magnitude). We had pizza, movies, popcorn and candy. And at the very end, when they were completely full of sugar...we had dancing. They had a blast. But I discovered that most of Baylees' friends are posers, just like her. So trying to get any spontaneous pictures was impossible. So I went for the traditional group photo.
And then July rolled around and things got REALLY crazy. My sister was getting married on July 5. My cousin and her family was staying with us (which is a wonderful tradition that we love). We had a houseful, especially when my aunt and other cousin would come over. We had a wonderful time.
Unforetunately as they were showing up, we found out that Noah had contracted another serious staph infection due to his eczema and wasn't allowed in water and we had to be extremely careful to keep him away from everyone until the antibiotics kicked in.
So on the 4th of July we all spent the day at my parents house for some water fun, and Felix took Noah out and about for some Father/son time since he wasn't allowed to do any of the activities. It all worked out, but we missed having Noah around for the fun.
The wedding was down in Manti and it was an absolutely gorgeous day. It was great to see family and friends that we haven't seen for a while. And it is always wonderful to be reminded of the promised made when I got married. Karey and Shawn were absolutely spectacular and it was a wonderful, beautiful day.
So July, just kind happened from there. We kept enjoying what we were doing and having a grand time. But at the end of the month, Noahs' staph infection was back with a vengeance and he was very ill. He was banned from all water sports and pretty much the outside world because we were concerned about what he could catch. It was a bummer. And because I am who I am, if Noah couldn't go in the water, neither would I. Which pretty much ended things for Caleb, Baylee and I too.
As Noahs' illness spread into August, and we were doing everything we could to keep him out of the hospital and get ready for was wild.
We got everyone ready for school and School started. WAHOO. (Just imagine the happy dance that I am doing right now). Everyone was ready for a schedule and organization...neither of which I supplied this summer.
But right after school started Noah had to have a small surgery to remove some growths that were causing his staph infections. So he was pretty stoked that he got to miss school right away. He wasn't very excited about school...the transition is always hard.
But now that all of the scary stuff is over, we are all starting to fall into our place and get used to the new routine. They still can't play until their chores are on lazy days, we are still spending a lot of time together. I don't know if they like it, and when they are screaming, I don't either. But on lazy days, when everyone is happy, it is truly bliss.
Lesson Learned from Not Blogging All Summer
1. I am incredibly boring when I try to recap the action. Seriously, I would make a lousy sports announcer.
2. When I blog right away, I can really capture the moments so much better.
3. My kids are really lazy...but that doesn't have anything to do with blogging, I just thought I would point out that we have really spent a lot of time together.
4. Blogging is a lot more fun in little pieces.
5. I need to take more pictures, so that my blogs are a little more lively.