Friday, January 22, 2010

Pray for Haiti

Sometimes tragedies happen. Unfortunately, when they happen far away, we feel so helpless, so limited in what we can do. I'm not a doctor, or I would board a plane. I don't do search and rescue, or I would board a plane. I don't know anyone, or I would board a plane.

I have friends, who have friends who have been in the process of adopting children from Haiti. The earthquake has brought a little piece of Hell with it. These people are amazing. So are the people they are working with.

I am grateful for my friends who have been diligent in posting. I am hoping that by posting a link to their blog will keep you informed and help you stay involved.

And when you are done. Pray. Pray for those who are hurt and struggling. Pray for those who are still lost. Pray for those who are doing everything in their power to save the babies. Pray with purpose. God is listening, you just need to talk to Him.

Friday, January 15, 2010


As a form of entertainment for Felix and I, we have started handling household disputes by holding court. We go up to the master bedroom, and have each of the children involved testify as to their version of events.

Tonight Caleb and Baylee decided to beat the snot out of each other. And really...there were boogers flying everywhere. I stopped them short of blood and decided to hold court.

We invited Caleb to be the first witness and had him stand on the hope chest at the foot of the bed. Don't worry, he's short, no worries about the ceiling fan. We prepared the witness for his first question from one of the judges (that was me!).

As I sternly asked the first question, "Caleb, have you been mean to your sister?" He didn't shy away from my gaze and firmly answered, "Yes." In the corner where Baylee was waiting for her turn to testify, she quietly said, "He's guilty."

At which point Caleb jumped off of the hope chest and ran out of the room screaming, "I'm guilty! I'm guilty!" and started to cry.

Lessons Learned
1. A guilty complex is a terrible thing to waste.
2. Court has been a wonderful learning process about our legal system.
3. Since I have 4 aspiring attorneys, practice makes perfect.
4. I do believe I need to get one of those really cool wigs that judges wear in England.
5. I am proud that I am able to pass my guilty complex onto the next generation.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Clorox, Porceline and ......

With the hectic holidays behind us, Felix and I decided to treat ourselves to Ruby River. We had missed a family dinner there because of my being sick and he and I had been craving it ever since.
So we did what any warm blooded, meat-loving American would do. We pigged out. Went for the onion...YUM-O and their new Gorgonzola encrusted New York Strip, with a jacketed potato and salad. YAY! We ate until we could eat no more...then we went and got the kids Wendys...fair trade.
We enjoyed the rest of the evening, watching Buck Rogers (yes that Buck Rogers) and hanging out with the kids. I couldn't even drink water I was SO full last night. We went to bed around 10:30.
At about 11 we hear the kids and discover, much to our horror, that someone had made red punch and they were all drinking it in the basement. Much to our surprise (NOT)...someone spilled. All I gotta say at this point is YAY Ambien. I had already taken my Ambien, taken off my boot and was not allowed out of bed. Felix got to clean it...sorry honey...but YAY me! He made his way back to bed at about 11:30.
At about 11:55 I watched my stomach unnaturally rise. Kind of like a DiGornio pizza, but in a really, really, really bad way. The distressing sight undercut the thought that hit at midnight. I realized trouble was coming. With a capital T.
So rather than wait...I made my way to the throne room. You know there really is a perk to having the toilet cordoned off in its own room, first and can call it the throne room...that alone makes it worth it.
I have learned from morning sickness past (which is totally not what this is...I am a UFZ thank you very much), that I cannot puke into a toilet until I clean it. So while the contents of my stomach made their arduous trek up the realm from which they came, I took the time to clean my toilet. (It doesn't matter if it was already cleaned that has to be done again). Made sure to dispose of all garbage and then tried to figure out how to cradle the bowl.
With my foot, I was pretty sure I couldn't get down, let alone get up after I had completed the process. So I hovered. And mental note for next time....NOOOOOOOO. Hovering is bad...the splash zone increases exponentially.
As I hovered, I waited for the tell-tale lump in my throat to tell me that the time had come. And although I had been waiting, the warning was sudden and abrupt. So it began.....
Like many times before the first episode was small and very unsatisfying. Thank goodness the lump in my throat was still there to remind me the party was far from over. The lump that tells you, it has only begun my dear...hang on for the ride.
Episodes 2, 3 and 4 were fast and furious, leaving little time in between for anything but a quick breath of air. Fortunately my body was able to take a quick break before the next round. I needed a moment to regroup and clean off the splash-factor that acted as face seeking missiles after every purge. I was prepared for rounds 5, 6, 7 and beyond. I had a roll of toilet paper in my hand and would clean after every dismissal to save myself the trouble when I was finished.
I was so grateful when the dry heaving began....That was my sign the end was near...not like in a Mayan calendar, the earth is ending kind of way...but that the puke fest was nearly over kind of way.
The heaving slowly came to an end, taking it's time as my gag reflex reset. My eyes were wet with the pressure of my eyeballs trying to hurl through my eyelids and my cheeks flushed with exertion of expelling the notion of "Too much is too much". My body was drained, my mind empty (nothing new, but it sounded good) and my stomach, quiet.
Now that the world had stopped turning inside of my stomach, I went for a little deja vu and cleaned the toilet again.
Lessons Learned
1. Hovering and vomit....not a good pair.
2. There is an order of operations: 1) clean 2) vomit 3) clean. Somewhat repetitive, but easy to remember.
3. Does anyone know how much force is exerted when vomiting? That might make for an AWESOME science fair project.
4. Feeling a little queasy...maybe this wasn't such a good idea.
5. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Let Love Rule....for 2010

Okay, I know things have been really serious for a while...Sorry! But before I get back on my wacky wagon, I wanted to share my hopes and dreams for the New Year!

For 2010, I hope:

That this nation will be able to re-unite with the understanding this nation was created and formed under God. Believer, non-believer, agnostic, doesn't matter, the founding fathers created this blessed land with divine help and gave the freedom to not believe.

That people throughout the world will acknowledge it is completely acceptable to agree to disagree. Until we all respect each others humanity and right to an opinion, our own opinions won't matter or accomplish much.

That regardless of the social/political/economic crises we are all faced with, we all have the ability to long as we have each other.

As individuals, everyone will come to terms with the realization that you can't be anything to anybody (let alone everything to everyone) if you aren't something to yourself first.

That even though last year wasn't the greatest...for like enduring the Refiners Fire, we will be stronger for the effort.

In the inspired words of Lenny Kravitz (Yay Lenny!): Love transcends all space and time And love can make a little child smile Can't you see this won't go wrong But we got to be strong We can't do it alone.

Happy New Year! I hope that your year is filled with peace, joy and happiness. And when you struggle, you aren't alone...I got your back.