Monday, March 22, 2010


There is no way I am going to get caught up after my grudge for Ctrl+Z, but I figured I would throw the short, short version of life out there so that maybe I could start blogging again without anger.

Noah turned 10 in February. We went to the Mayan (a favorite for the entertainment). Caleb got beat up by a little kid that wanted his spot and Noah totally jumped to his rescue along with Baylee and Savannah. I love that the theme at our house "No one can beat you up but me". I'll roll with that. We had a late night with 15 or so 10 year olds a week later and I was so grateful when it was over.

We had 4 cases of strep throat since January 30 and are hanging on by a thread to stay well. We've had all sorts of adventures in health, a never ending learning experience and are still working through them. It's all good though.

We have had the latest addition to the family, baby Evan, the cutest little nephew EVER. And we have also been blessed with our first Les Paul guitar, a sibling Washburn Electric Acoustic and a Half-stack Marshall Amp in bright red. We have nearly completed the guitar room, and I think it is already too small by the time all 9 guitars, 3 amps and couch are in there. Oh's that or nothing.

We have moved bedrooms to help with sleeping problems...not mine, the kids. Noah and Caleb are now sharing our old master bedroom which means they have their own bathroom, a walk-in closet (where we put the dressers) and a killer bunk-bed that was resurrected from storage. And only one person has fallen off so far. ROCK ON.

We've had a missionary farewell on my dad's side of the family, an 85th birthday (it wasn't mine) and family here to celebrate.

It's been busy, hectic, and of course I have had to take time to be angry at blogger. Look, that is just how it is...


Lessons Learned
1. I have perfected the art of grudge holding.
2. There is no such thing as an after-Christmas slowdown.
3. Sick babies and sick mommies are never a good combo.
4. I'm ready for a vacation.
5. I feel better after blogging, I'm thinking I need to get back into the swing of things.