Thursday, May 24, 2012

Following the Leader....?

We made our trek from Missouri to Wisconsin last week.

2 Cars
2 Parents
4 Kids
1 Poodle
and an
Assortment of life crap we couldn't live without

Let's just say it was eventful.  We switched cars twice....had to make sure the dog was getting enough water....yada, yada!  

So with 2 cars, it meant one of us had to take the lead...future note....update the maps on the GPS', so that we aren't trying to go in different directions!

But while we were wending our way across 3 states, I started to think!  OH NO!  We all know that usually ends poorly for me!  This time, I was noticing the different driving styles Felix and I had.

I realized how much better Felix is at....well....everything (except maybe shopping at Amazon [Yes, Keara....I am the master!]).  But driving, and because I'm me, I managed to turn something as simple as an 8 hour road trip into a metaphor for life!

As much as I hate to admit that anyone is better than me....dang pride....Felix is a way better leader than I am (until he gets to the end).  He was also so careful to make sure not to go to fast.  He would always signal way, way, WAY in advance to make sure that we ended up in the same place.  He even called me a couple of times to make sure I knew where I was going.

You've got your own GPS....EAT MY DUST!

Calm, cool, collected.  Comfortable and confident in the direction he is going, he didn't stress if I got too far ahead, but typically kept up and stayed where I could see him in my review mirror.  

YOU WILL NOT BEAT ME!  YOU WILL NOT LOSE ME!  Yeah, that's right....don't try and sneak away....Never more than a car in between us.  CAN'T....USE....CRUISE....CONTROL....ohhhh noooo!  I'm too erratic and spastic for that!

So uh....anyone that knows our personalities, should see the parallels in driving styles to who we are. If you don't....well, you don't really care then, do you?

Lessons Learned
1.  I obviously need to learn to follow.
2.  Oh hey!  I need to learn to lead too.
3.  The adventure is really going to be when I am on the road on my own with the kiddos and the dog.
4.  I don't make stops, unless I of course, request them.
5.  The adventure lives on!

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